A serial shaggers guide to internet dating my 1001 lovers dating a recovering alcoholic first year

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"Slater considers all these issues in an intelligent, edgy, thought-provoking way.His book is worth at least a speed date.""--Washington Post " "Slater has dug in manfully to explain how technology is transforming how we meet and fall in love.""--Wall Street Journal" "Slater's account of the history of the cyber dating industry--from ginormous clunky old computers to modern complex algorithms--is well detailed.""--Financial Times" "In this artful examination of our techno-romantic universe, Dan Slater offers an eye-opening look at the ways our very own behaviors and desires have been forever changed." --Jessica Massa and Rebecca Wiegand, cocreators of" ""The Gaggle" and "WTF Is Up With My Love Life?!Many of the "characters" were, for lack of a better word, despicable. The parts where he tells his own story, or those of other 'important people' in the dating scene are particularly uninteresting. Definitely worth a read – just skip self-important sections.among the books on dating and the internet this, though my sample size is not exhaustive, is the best, most well-written, least mechanistic of the lot.Since internet dating is a fascinating topic and the writing is usually easy and chock full of neat information most books on this subject are easy and fun reads.This ( mostly) well done piece of investigative reporting cuts through the miasma that media consumers are delivered multiple times a day from the titans of the online dating industry.The interspersion of the vignettes of the ( one assumes desirable )woman on the Phish blog is distracting, and I could have used a bit more of the ripping off of the Band-Aid that covers the wounds of this industry- Slater just scratches the surface of the deviant acts perpetrated by both individuals and, more importantly, by industry giants with agendas.A fact that I used to be a bit embarrassed about since I myself was wary of meeting people online.

It shed light on subjects that I've always had a curiosity about, but would never do myself like going to Latin America specifically to find a bride.by mechanistic I mean that there is a specific agenda -- e.p.analytics or computer dating is shallow and men are unwilling to commit given there are "plenty of fish" out there --that is applied to various cases or data sets in most these books so that there is no development on the theme or a getting below the surface. The author writes deftly, he provides interesting case studies of people with various differnt motives and sstyles of internet dating, he attends various internet dating site events--a trip to Columbia to meet women, which he goes on -- and he describes his own internet date to an internet dating conference.The history of online dating, discussed in this book, is quite interesting.

It is a light fun read but by no means is this book filled with fluff.Being addicted to women and dating is not a new thing for Clive Worth, however he is still searching for that one woman to love.