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"Oh my god," Erica sighs post-coitally, "I do like sex." Harry adds, punchline-like, "You certainly do." Or again, he stumbles over confessing that he might have thought of her as a "soul mate," and she, knowing everything she knows about him, believes he might mean it.The stereotypes reinforced by such instances hardly need another go.Keaton basically plays a grown-up Annie Hall, and she manages to look sexy and daffy at the same time. For his part, Harry broods like no one's ever brooded before, like he's up for an Olympic medal in the event of Feeling Bummed Out. Meyers wrote the script with Keaton and Nicholson in mind specifically, the decision was a wise one.Nicholson, for all his bluster and creakiness, still has the panache that has served him so well for the past forty years or so. After a while, you wish these two crazy kids would just get over it. Something's Gotta Give has a funny beginning and a sweet ending, but the middle suffers from an unfortunate lag.The participants have to be sexy enough that the younger people in the audience don't get all grossed out ("Gramma and Granpa are KISSING!!! For the most part, writer-director Nancy Meyers succeeds here.Diane Keaton plays Erica Barry, a neurotic, highly successful playwright. Okay, technically he plays 63-year-old Harry Sanborn, owner of a hip-hop record label and chronic womanizer.

They must try to unravel the mystery behind their extraordinary romance before it's too late.She's long been under-appreciated -- in formula comedy (The Whole Nine Yards and Saving Silverman), independent drama (Igby Goes Down), and thriller (Identity).While each performance is its own little surprise, Peet's work in Something's Gotta Give, as Marin, supporting player for her mother's predictable romance, is especially sharp. What could be better than a shot of Diane Keaton's legs?

It's not a bad thing to remember when watching the film, which could use more of her.

As Marin, she jumpstarts the proceedings: an auctioneer at Christie's, she begins dating a customer, superwealthy hiphop label executive and renowned young ladies' man, Harry (Nicholson).