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30-Nov-2017 15:38

It is important to carefully check that the selected departure and arrival dates will be suitable for the planned trip. Read more about WOW basic, WOW plus and WOW biz here. Step 3Here you can add extra services to your booking.

Choose your favorite seat, buy baggage allowance, add special equipment and/or purchase cancellation protection. On this page you can book tours and activities at your chosen destination. Now is the time to book a rental car, or you can skip this step and click CONTINUE.

View itinerary displays your full itinerary (e-ticket) and allows you to view details of a chauffeur service or a rail connection that you have booked.

I placed an order, but didn't receive an order acknowledgement. Then enter your e-mail address and password in the fields provided, and click the Log In button.

If we hear from the seller that your order is available and on its way, the status note will change to "Confirmed Available." We'll also send you an e-mail letting you know that the order has been confirmed available.

If we hear from the seller that the items in your order are no longer available, we will cancel the order.

The best way to determine whether your order is trackable is to check, as outlined below: If you have an Alibris account: To check the status of your order after it has shipped, click the Account link from the upper-right corner of any page on our Web site.

Enter your e-mail address and password in the fields provided.

However, we recommend bringing a hard copy of the booking confirmation and presenting it at check-in.Once your order has shipped, its status will be "Shipped." If you selected U. Standard shipping, European Standard shipping, or International shipping, no tracking information will be listed, since these shipping methods can't be tracked.