Celebrities dating younger women

08-Jan-2018 07:47

Ten years younger than Madonna, Ritchie quickly achieved fame as a director of brash, British gangster movies.

So it seemed odd that the quintessential English geezer would be dating the quintessential American Princess. They went on to have two kids together, before splitting in 2008.

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Denzel Washington Handsome and with a winning smile that can melt all our hearts, Denzel Washington is known for playing tough-but-nice guy roles in movies.

Ashton Kutcher Ashton Kutcher found fame through stoner comedy Dude, Where’s My Car?

in which he played on half of a hapless pair who got high one night and couldn’t locate their car the next day.

Hugh Jackman Australian actor hunk Hugh Jackman is arguably most famous for playing the part of Wolverine in the X-Men franchise. But Jackman has fended off all female interest, because he’s actually been married to the same woman for 20 years. Hugh met Debora-Lee Furness back home in Australia in 1995 while working on an Australian TV show called Corelli.

Despite the age gap, the pair hit it off and got married a year later. Aaron Johnson A few years ago, few people had heard of Aaron Johnson.But most had to admit that they’d never get to live out their fantasy.