Dating services consumer complaints

27-Nov-2017 07:11

You may be looking for someone who comes from a similar educational or socioeconomic background and the people at a club or bar may come from anywhere and everywhere.

Someone with a Ph D is probably more comfortable with someone with a similar education level then they would be with a high school or community college drop-out.

Scams do happen and whenever a new niche opens up there are scams ready to jump to fill it as much as there are legitimate companies.

If you were a victim of a dating website scam then share their name with us.

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In addition, when the contract expires, the business is required to return all such information and material to you by certified mail.

Dating websites purpose is to help people meet it is up to the people to use their social skills to really get to know each other.

But perhaps you’ve paid to join a dating website and the matches you received weren’t even close to the type of person you were hoping to be matched with.

Maybe you were given a list of matches and there was only one thing you shared as a common interest.

Or maybe you were provided matches and there was nothing to even indicate why they were considered a match at all.

If you’ve encountered a bad or fraudulent dating website than help protect others so they don’t waste their time looking for a connection on a bad dating website.