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For shows with multiple seasons, we averaged their scores.And to break ties, we brought in the audience score.Taylor dumped Fisher five years later to marry her "Cleopatra" co-star- Richard Burton.Matthew Mc Conaughey and Camila Alves are now husband and wife.Hasselhoff and Roberts, a part-time model and factory worker from Wales, have been dating for over a year and met while he filmed the talent reality series 'Britain's Got Talent.'The actor has been married twice and finalized his divorce from second wife Pamela Bach in 2006.They have two daughters, Taylor, 21, and Hayley, 19.

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Rooney's first marriage was in 1942 to Hollywood actress Ava Gardner.

It ended in divorce as did all his other marriages except the one to Barbara Ann Thompson, who was murdered in 1966.

Reynolds was Fisher's first wife, whom he divorced in 1959 to marry Elizabeth Taylor, the widow of his friend Mike Todd.

Here's how HBO's shows rank, from worst to best, according to critics on Metacritic.

(Note: We left off animated, children's, documentary/reality, and foreign programming, as well as miniseries, with a few notable exceptions.)" data-src="" role="presentation" src="//static-entertainment-wus-s-msn-com.akamaized.net/sc/9b/e151e5.gif" / There must be something in the water they drink on set at Game of Thrones, because they can't seem to stop getting hitched.

Barrymore and Kopelman, the son of former Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman, went public as a couple in last February, according to reports. She was married briefly to bar owner Jeremy Thomas in 1994, and wed comedian Tom Green in July 2001 (he filed for divorce that December).