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The bedroom voice and exotic name are but tools of the trade in her given profession.She gives us quick directions and a run-down of the 'personal services' she and the other girls offer.James School, explaining that girls use any remaining funds for food and clothing."You can get food maybe at home, but, you know, sanitary towels, some of that you have to buy, so they prefer buying." Lack of sex education at home, she adds, is another significant part of the problem.ALSO READ: Dear men, This is why your woman is no longer interested in intimacy When Nairobian women want sex from a man, they write him a text, “I miss you”.Throw in some annoyingly cliched emoji, and a man is supposed to decode what that means and should invite her to his house, or if he one of these new-age metrosexual sissies, go to her place to be served noodles and minced meat and be expected to outperform an electric sexual toy.Having no one to support her through a lengthy job search, she ended up at this 'personal services' point that is no more than a drug and prostitution den.The parlour is on the second floor of a high-end apartment block where young girls, below 26 years, earn a livelihood offering their bodies to rich men.

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"That girl, you know, she told me she has a dream of being a nurse, a teacher, and in the next 10 years she will be that." All because something as basic as a sanitary napkin, a year's supply of which, according to Freedom for Girls, costs roughly per girl.Nairobian women spent so much time accusing us that we are not romantic but they are real frauds when you think about it. Every time I go to clubs, I give up on dating, courtship and sex altogether.Nairobi women are hardened, militant, dishonest, materialistic, and that concoction of traits can hardly make anyone romantic. In an ironic twist, some prostitutes actually know a thing or two about romance. You see commercial sex workers perched on the bar counters’ high stools, sipping some choice wine or whisky and that is how they entice the middle-aged and older white men visiting the country for charity or those prospecting gold and diamonds in Shinyalu and other outposts far North.Health educator Lydiah Njoroge, a field officer for the Freedom for Girls Program, an initiative of HEART (Health Education Africa Resource Team), distributes towels to girls in Mathare, a collection of Nairobi ghettos where poverty is so severe that girls are unable to purchase even the most affordable brands.

"The least [expensive] in the market is 40 shillings ...So the girl just goes [and] has sex with an older man, most of the time not the same man -- they would have one this month, another one next month, so they are very, very at risk of having HIV." In other words, for 40 shillings - about 50 cents - girls and young women repeatedly put their lives at risk.