Gods word and dating

12-Jul-2017 08:28

” I think the first thing to do is apply the principles in the previous section to the person you are considering dating.What you asked of yourself when you were deciding if you should date in general at this point in life should be asked of the person you are considering dating. (God only wants you to date believers.) Does she have a track record of breaking up when things get slightly difficult?

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Sometimes other people can see us from a different angle than we can see ourselves from. Now for the final question which is the most difficult to answer, “Does God want me to date this person?” If you are walking with God, there are no addictive sins in your life (we all sin, but that’s different from walking in the same sin all the time), and you are at a stage in life where marriage is realistic, this is a strong indicator God does want you to date.The only other thing I would say is ask other people in your life if they think you are ready to date.No one is going to be perfect, but if there is a big glaring flaw don’t stick your head in the sand just because you really like that person.

Maybe you will be able to date, just not right now.

In other words, if you want to answer, “Does God want me to date?

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