Greys anatomy quotes dating

06-Jan-2018 15:26

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Can you imagine Meredith or Alex fully unloading their life story on a newbie? And if you don’t know everything about these two, you really know nothing at all.

Isn’t this the problem in Alex’s relationship with Jo (Camilla Luddington), especially now that it’s imploded?

And if it’s done the right way, it could be swoony.

Meredith and Alex deserve happiness, on that we can all agree.

#Japril can’t do all the heavy lifting in this regard, you know?

Not to mention that season eight alternate-universe episode in which we actually saw Meredith and Alex engaged. First, she ends up chief of surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial.There will be lots of confusing hurdles for them to pass before they realize the truth: Nobody else understands them the way the other does. If you want to go there with Merlex, you have to dive in the deep end.The show could certainly use that sort of narrative target, anyway: As it trudges through a snoozefest Eliza Minnick plot, the 13th season is begging for inspiring, gut-wrenching, soul-mate level romantic entanglements.Yes, they connected because both experienced less-than-ideal childhoods and had to work hard for their success, but Jo doesn’t really understand Alex.

That’s why she blows up when she finds out about his and Izzie’s frozen embryos.Aside from the whole “Meredith repeatedly lies to her sister” thing, Maggie’s (Kelly Mc Creary) crush on Riggs is a fun development.