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Leif breathed in deeply and his stomach rumbled in anticipation. No one has seen him around town or at the Councilor's Hall." Valek raced to the inn, beating the supper rush by just a few minutes. Valek's stomach grumbled, reminding him he hadn't eaten since yesterday.

The chef, Reilly Moon, mixed batter in a large silver bowl. "Kitchen's closed." "In my opinion, closing a kitchen should be a crime," Leif said. I pushed my awareness out further, past the barn and pasture and into the woods surrounding my cottage. The common room hummed with voices, and servers weaved through the tables. The chef flipped beef steaks with an expert twist of his wrist.

"How about preserving your brother's life for incentive? " Doubt laced my voice, hiding the fear that threatened to make it quiver. He's in a secure location with my men," the magician said. She would miss Onyx's presence, but that couldn't be helped. He could still be in Moon Clan lands, or in Cloud Mist's lands, or even the Featherstone lands.

In fact, they held their hands out and away from their bodies. Answer my question." Instead, I stretched to claim his soul and encountered an unexpected obstruction. Magic could not pierce a null shield from either direction. He stole it from Sitia." The smile disappeared as fury radiated from him. They arrived at the northern gate of the Citadel just as the first rays of dawn shone over the white marble of the outer walls. With no time to be subtle, Valek informed the guard in the gatehouse that he needed to see Master Magician Irys Jewelrose. Onyx hopped the wooden barrier with ease--a trick he'd learned from Kiki. Most people can't lie when you're linked mind to mind, but he can." "Where's Leif? "Councilor Moon requested his help to interrogate a murderer. He reported that he had reached Fulgor late at night and would go to the Councilor's Hall the next day." "Can you contact one of the Councilor's people? Irys nodded and pulled a glass statue from her pocket. He needed to know if Owen's men had ambushed Leif before or after he talked to the Councilor. "You've been hanging out with those Sandseed horses too long," Valek said to him, patting his neck in gratitude.

" "Oh, yes." She took his bags and his cloak and handed him a key. " "I believe so, but you'd better hurry." He didn't hesitate. He protected his companions with a null shield, which blocked my magic. Besides, the houses came in handy during times like these.

Pushing through the wooden doors, Leif entered the pulsing warmth. Spicy, tangy, sweet, and sharp odors floated on the air. "Sir, he was spotted entering the Weir Inn seven days ago, and two days ago, an agent noted that his horse remains at the inn's stables. The sizzling smell of grilled beef dominated the kitchen.

His stocky build matched Leif's, but the man was about twenty years older than Leif's twenty-five. When they neared an alley, he feigned a sneeze, palming a couple darts. Leif knew that once they had him inside, all hope would be lost. Returning to the common room, he sat at a table in the back corner and ordered a beef steak.

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He pulled a pan from one of the ovens, filled a plate with slices of roast beef, heaped on potatoes, and set it down on the counter. Just that he murdered a number of victims." "That doesn't sound familiar." "Not everything is widely publicized, Reilly. In the meantime, there's four Fulgor guardsmen here for you." Odd. With the added fuel of fear pumping through his body, he summoned his considerable strength and broke free. It didn't take a genius to guess that those guards weren't legit."Go tell that to the Sitian Council, then." "I did, but they wouldn't grant my request." Leif huffed. Most swordsmen didn't have any experience fighting against a machete. His only other magical skill had its uses at times. A null shield slammed down between them, blocking Leif's magic. Valek sought the innkeeper and heard the same story. She figured Leif would return for his horse eventually. "I stayed up all night with Leif," the chef said between tasks.