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21-Oct-2017 15:42

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Even after he visited doctors in January and got the shocking news that he’ll never play again, he still felt part of the team.

And even after the Dolphins cut him, Abdul-Quddus is being made to feel like he’s still a part of the team.

It shows they care about me.” Ask Abdul-Quddus who has taken his stall in a crowded locker room that is overrun with so many players that rookies are sharing space and, again, a tangible satisfaction shows in his answer . “I was sitting in there a couple of minutes ago, actually. That shows how great the people are here.” But even after he sustained a season-ending nerve injury on a violent tackle in last season’s 15th game, he still felt part of the team.

At the age of eighteen, he left Persia for Karbalāʾ, where he joined Sayyed Kāẓem Rašti (d. He was the first to depart upon the conclusion of every meeting. Shoghi Effendi (1897-1957) describes Qoddus as “erudite” and “the most esteemed disciple of Sayyid Kāzim” (Shoghi Effendi, p. After Qoddus finished his studies at Karbalāʾ, and on the way back to Persia, he, like other Rašti’s students, became a hermit and spent some time in contemplation and prayer in the mosque of the city of Kufa (Māzandarāni, 1944, p. Then, on fixing his gaze upon the Bāb, Qoddus told Mollā Ḥosayn: “I can recognize him [the Promised One] by his gait.” Qoddus went on to say: “I confidently testify that none beside him [the Bāb], whether in the East or in the West, can claim to be the Truth.

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