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(And sometimes they may even purposely send out the signal which is most likely to confuse their parents.) Parents want to respond to both signals.

Sometimes they must say that dating is serious business, and other times they may advise that dating should be for fun. When young people "fall" quickly head over heels in "love," then their parents counsel, "Take it easy"; "Don't get so involved with just one, look around"; "Date in groups"; "Don't be alone a lot." But when young people say that dating is just for fun and that they may date whomever they want, then parents must say, "Be careful, because dating does lead to marriage." In fact, dating is the only thing that leads to marriage.

The subject of sexual purity is extremely important. It is of eternal importance, because the sexually immoral do not inherit the kingdom of God (I Cor. This will spare you from having to hear my opinion and about my experiences. The only rule for faith and life is the Word of God.

The perspective used in this pamphlet for finding the answers to these questions will be, unashamedly, the Bible.

Because marriage is the goal of dating, you may not date just anyone.

You may not date a person who may not be a lifelong mate. Why go with someone whom you know you should and could never marry? Let me say first that it is wrong to date in order to satisfy one's ego, or to fulfill one's sexual desires.

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And it will spare you from having a standard set for you by a mere human, a standard which might change tomorrow. And this is a rule which applies not only to Sundays, but also to Friday and Saturday nights!When dating is selfish or idealistic, then God's Word is placed under feelings.But God's Word must govern our feelings and emotions.On the other hand, you may date anyone who is one with you "in the Lord" (I Cor. It may be big stuff for a guy to land a date with the school's most popular girl, but dating is not a game to play in jockeying for position on the social ladder.

For a serious-minded Christian, there must be higher motivation in deciding whom to ask.

Sex and dating are not to be separated from Christ's dominion in our life.

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