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18-Jan-2018 02:14

Well-rounded and complete - nothing lacking here, very polished. The really great thing here is that it's not really a cloying monster or a badly done fragrance in any way. I could see this working for dates and nights out with a loved one. My wallet, on the other hand, feels the difference quite well, I assure you, as it can cost a tiny fraction of what Organza (quite deservedly) costs.

Not clubbing but very intimate and personal moments and occasions with a partner. Warm, cozy, and comforting-- a delicious mix of white floral, vanilla and nutmeg.

It's a striking yet delicate fragrance,and I love it! So, from my experience, the house of Givenchy has always specialised in making distinctly feminine perfumes.

) The bottle is a masterpiece alone, and the scent is powerful,white florals are up there yet the spicy nutmeg,adds some body to it together with tuberose which brings the oomph,yet it is still soft and ultra feminine.