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There are a number of people who are quite obsessed with that idea.

The TV program “America Unearthed” follows Scott Wolter around the country where people are digging up various artifacts that supposedly show white people were here before Columbus. DK: No, and in fact, the rune stone has been enjoying a resurgence in the last 10 years.

But first, it toured the country, spent some time at the Smithsonian and enjoyed the attentions of tourists and scholars, before returning to Alexandria, where it now resides at the Runestone Museum. Krueger, who grew up on another farm in the Alexandria area, now lives in Philadelphia, where he works as an adjunct professor and deacon, produces podcasts for MRB’s First Impressions program, and conducts tours of historical and religious sites in the city. How long have you been interested in the rune stone? I grew up under the towering figure of Big Ole, and Norse culture was just kind of in the water out there. My interest really piqued when my father showed me the deed to the land the farm was on, dating back to 1867. It got me thinking about him, and to the fact that there were other people who lived here — the native population — that we never talked about. Maybe that has changed since I was a student in the 1970s. I’ve always asked questions and questioned the status quo.

All we heard about was the Vikings, who allegedly visited, but not the millions of people who actually lived here. I suppose we learned about the Indians, but it never felt concrete, or local. It was something viewed as being a part of the distant past, despite the fact that it wasn’t that long ago. After school, I moved to inner-city Philadelphia, and that was a very formative experience.

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Highway 212 west to County Rd 41 (Chestnut St); go south on County Road 41.

There is a new generation of enthusiasts trying to trump up a case for authenticity, but their claims are pretty weak.

There is something so compelling about the idea that you could dig up an artifact that changes the course of American history, or rewrites its past.

We would do better to look at the things that really happened in our past.

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DK: Well, I wouldn’t say this was a huge success; Ohmon never made money from it, and in fact his family suffered a great deal of ridicule.

[Two of Ohmon’s children ultimately committed suicide.] There have been other rune stones. The Cardiff Giant, a huge stone figure of a man, was created by a man in New York.We have a very low level of scientific literacy in this country, and many people are unable to tell the difference between myth, folklore and reality.

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