William moseley dating alexa hamilton

24-Oct-2017 12:48

So let us take a look back at the beautiful yet very secretive relationship between Chow and her boyfriend.

Kelsey Chow is reportedly dating William Moseley, her co-star in the movie “Run,” which was released in 2013.

The two have been adamant on not providing any official statement or details related to the nature of their connection, and thus, the official date of them starting to date is unknown.

But pictures utter a thousand words as they have been spotted together several times and moreover, William has been sharing posts of him with Chow.

The cast also includes Shirley Mac Laine, producing.

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William Moseley est né le 27 avril 1987 à Sheepcombe, dans le comté de Gloucestershire en Angleterre. Il a une jeune sœur qui se nomme Daisy (née en 1989) et un jeune frère qui se nomme Ben (né en 1992). De 1991 à 1998, il fréquente l'école primaire de Sheepcombe, sa ville natale L'envie d'être acteur lui prend à l'âge de dix ans.

Half a decade later, he appeared in the TV movie Goodbye, Mr. After seven years, when throwing for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in 2005, she recalled that him and prescribed him for the part of Peter.

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