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When it comes to naming a cool Instagram name, think of something exclusive.

Well, obviously you cannot make an already taken name as yours. If the name you want is already taken, work around and shorten it or add something to it.

Regarding the Swedes: let them bask on their misconceptions - it may be all they have left.

To me it comically mimics an African tribal, drug-induced, fireside mating mantric-tantric chant - "Ooga chacka ooga ooga" I am almost shure this is it's intent. Preston (aka The Big Bopper) and featured Preston and George Jones on backing vocal/chant. I always thought that recording this song with ooga-shakas was meant to contrast the slightly treacly idealism of the lyrics with a caveman approach not only to love but to rock and roll. It got them onto the charts, didn't it, and here we are writing about them over thirty years later."Ooga Chacka!

Then they add certain adjectives that best befit the noun they are using.

Say, for instance, “championmiamiheat” or “snowyamerica”. Play around with this trick and choose the best adjective that describes who you really are as a person.

No matter what you do with your IG username, you should know that the best way to deal with it is to become meticulous when it comes to naming structure.

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For example, if you simply use your name as a username such as “anna”, it is boring when you compare it with a name like “annathegorgeous”. Understand that only an impressive profile name can get great followers. Hence, you should use something that suits your personality and shows who you truly are.These people are your “fans” and they are the ones who will appreciate the pictures you post. Apart from the above, here are 100 more for your reference: There is no better way than to be personal. If you are one tough dude, then look for names that are tough as you.If you are one of those girly girls, then choose names that are girly too.although both are pretty good (nice to hear a guy's voice singing it), i have to say that twas Vonda's soulfulness that made me like the song so much.

plus that it is used as a soundtrack in one of my all-time fave tv shows.Let’s say for example that your name is “Elizabeth” and you want to use “elizabethissexy”, however, it is already taken. Will you sulk and feel bad that the name you want is already taken? Instead of feeling that way, rack your brain to get what you want by making some alterations. Example, “lizissexy” or “bethissexy” or “lizaissexy”. You may also .(dot) or _(underscore) in between the name you want. Here are a few other tips to make unavailable names, available for you to use.